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An important development in the world of Gospel music was announced today. A new album entitled Called to Serve, produced by Judy Mowatt, Benji Mayaz and Sheldon Bernard, will make its debut this month.
The album, the inaugural work of Soldiers of Jesus Christ, a group of eight performers, of significant acclaim during their stint on the secular circuit, will be available on the local and international market.
In making this announcement, Judy Mowatt explained that while in Japan in July 1998, she received the inspiration for this collection of praise during a moment of quiet, early morning devotion. “The Lord spoke to me about the album concerning the six of us who were called out from the secular music circuit.”
She said that the genesis of the Group’s name came from the initials of its main artists namely, Papa San, Lieutenant Stitchie, Judy Mowatt, Junior Tucker, Chevelle Franklin and Carlene Davis.
“At that time we were not aware that the initials of all our first names were coupled hence S of J C became Soldiers of Jesus Christ.”
The performers too, have all embraced this new direction in their lives and view the album as ministry in itself.
“We all agreed that this was a project well overdue, as it will be the first recorded group testimony of a new life in Christ. We are hoping it will reach places that we will not be able to go. Souls are dying daily because they have not given their life to Christ.
“Music is a means that has the ability to inspire and we hope that these compilations not only inspire, but give restored hope to all those who have given up, and strength to those who have decided to fight. We are hoping it will cause people to invite the Lord Jesus into their lives.”

The album also features a number of other artists who are all soldiers of Jesus Christ that have chosen the same path. Background singers combine with a miniature sermon by Pastor Carlene Riley to render the Praise Medley.
There are also four cameo appearances.
One of them is international singer Betty Wright, known for songs like No Pain, No Gain.
Another is Junior C, a popular Bermudian recording artist and a soldier in the army of Jesus Christ.
The other two are Lady Junie a popular former DJ who created waves in the dance halls and actor, Brother Bello — of Bello & Blacka comedy fame — who is also a song writer and singer.
The group believes this is an outstanding moment in musical history.
It is the first time that singers, musicians, DJ’s, and background vocalists who were called out from the secular music world, felt such a compelling need to come together to document their commitment in music form.

Miss Mowatt gives credit to Bermudian executive producer Dwayne Brown, and to all the musicians, background vocalists, mixing engineers and recording studio proprietors who drastically cut their fees to allow this vision to become a reality.
She further expresses appreciation on behalf of the performers who value the opportunity to be used as vessels of the Lord.
Part proceeds of the sale of this CD will be given to selected charities.

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